neon life rascalities

I try so hard to figure out
what the point of all this is
and when I try to find the problem
I find myself not wanting anything

there's vacuum in my ideas
just bits and pieces building themes
too bad you'll sink and drown in daydreams
they're nothing you can swim in

everything goes right and wrong,
left and right straight into foolery

you watch them moving forward
effortlessly they're winning all 
of all those things you worship
when you're on your own

that acid washed denim
and brightly coloured trainers
they only mean the universe to you
they're but a wrapping of your sad souls twin

that studded leather, nights and lights
guitars in airports, jokes
that's all you want, I know
that radiant freedom as you go

and not a single chance that you will ever
admit this youthful feeling of perfection
is hard works harvest and a moments' bliss
the jacket saves raw diamonds from detection

at heart, you are the lightest-minded, rascal urchin
to whom this planets rules and expectations seem a maze
you are the real easy- going good-for-nothing
to dreamy nowhere you want the easy way.


  1. It needed a second read to understand. And I do find it beautiful, cos it is just like this. What Piaget called the distance of thought, a higher achievement, you could say. And what Hoftstadter called the strange loop. The self is nothing but a hallucination of a hallucination. Brings us all to Zilbermanian consciousness. Creativity without dependence.

    Thank you for sharing, I won't bother you too much!


  2. Wow, das ist von dir? Gefällt mir richtig gut. Keep up that good work!


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