londonesque day #1

Now I've had a look at my 1050 pictures and I decided you'll go crazy (or my internet connection does) if I upload the chosen ones in one single post, so here's day one, and later on I will post all my adventures step by step!
Our flight was at 7.20 am, so I got to the airport at about 5.00 am which sort of killed me because I had my suitcase finished around 3.00 am. But my enthusiasm won the battle, so I enjoyed the day, nevertheless.
By the way, why we (that's six students and two lecturers) went to London is that we had a seminar on contemporary British drama and we were off to watch the plays we read at uni- one play per day, but the remaining time we were free to do whatever we liked.
The first day we used to just enjoy the London atmosphere; we couldn’t check in at the hotel as we planned because they were just changing the locks (wtf?!) when we came. That’s why we were roaming around and having some Christmas coffee at Starbucks, going to Kings’ Cross to find the platform 9 ¾ and so on. I was SO incredibly happy to be back there, it felt like returning somewhere I really belong.
Later in the evening we went to watch our first play, ‘13’ by Mike Bartlett which was just amazing. If anyone of you has the chance to see it, go for it! Near the National Theatre where it has been staged there was a ‘German Christmas Market’ which we found pretty funny because they really tried to build a Christmas market like the ones that we have here in Cologne, with inscriptions like ‘gluwein’ (misspelled) and many suchlike things.
Although I was extremely tired later in the evening, when we came back to the hotel I just couldn’t sleep. I made plans for the next day and watched the night in the city of my dreams.


Entering England
How I missed this!

We were getting sort of hungry, and then this...
The white building is our hotel. It wasn't as nice as it looked like, but more on this later.

Interesting... so that's what English people eat for breakfast?
Who of you immediately saw it's a postcard?

'Let's rediscover why we're bets friends' OMG I LOVE STARBUCKS!
Why the heck do they have those amazing cupcakes EVERYWHERE around town??

Topshop shoes. ...ugly?
Wonder what would happen if I ran around in them here in Cologne...

I kept it as a promise I'd come back (yes, I'm being sentimental)
It's getting late... London street next to the hotel!
View on the German Christmas Market from the bridge
Yeeeees, the merry-go-rounds... I took a ride! Will post a picture later!

This is when I finally realized I was back and was like YEEEAH
A skate park right next to the National Theatre

My dearly beloved underground, OH HOW I MISSED THEM!!


  1. Heey, thanks for the comment. ^^
    I really would like write all my texts in English, but I'm not able for it, yet! =( you'll probably kill me because of all terrible my mistakes! :X

    Anyway, I'm enjoying A LOT your blog with those beautiful pictures and all your experience in London. Really, thanks for that!

    ps. The postcard of 6th picture is amazing. I was wondered what a dish was doing there. hahahah

  2. Wow I didn't guess it was postcard.
    Great pics.
    thanks for sharing

  3. Last summer I went to London too, and of course, I looking forward come back. It's a cosmopolitan city.

    Wherever the Sunset is

  4. Btw is nice to know that for you, we're the one having a phonograp at home! :D

    Wherever the Sunset is


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