the artist is asleep

Sometimes trying to be an artist is pretty hard. I always have the feeling that creating needs to be a controlled process, something thoroughly planned, but it never is because the lines I leave on paper are up to unpredictable things. They have their own mind and a pretty volatile nature. They curl and escape and deceive. Sometimes they behave, but most often they don't. 

What am I then, still an artist?


  1. Still an artist, even if you're "simply" the hand through which the lines flow. There'd be no lines to have their own mind if it weren't for you, and they'd simply float, float and twist and dance in their own void of nowhereness. They're rebellious little children who need someone to lay them to sleep on paper, and that someone's you.
    It's the same with writing characters. But those writers are still authors, and so you are still an artist.


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