how to ..?

Here's my first completely digital effort on one Clementine Creevy, front gal at Cherry Glazerr. I don't know that much about her but I saw this photo and crushed on her a little. She's got that natural cool if you know what I mean- a sort of effortless all-falls-into-place-so-i-dont-really-care air (...bear. sorry). I guess you get that when you're a Los Angeles native, but maybe not. I hope to get there some day when I stop worrying, just be my careless self, feel chill about it and good about myself. Be where I want to be. Allow for some pastel colours to enter my life. Drag them in there, actually. Feel some clouds pass. Make music again. Grill some cheese. Breathe.

I'm already 23 tho.

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