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Have this portrait of danish delight & ICEAGE singer Elias Ronnenfelt- that's him in the 'Forever' video which I cannot embed thanks to various wonderful privacy settings on every stupid video on the web, but you can watch the clip/hear the song here.

Important questions to ask this week:

Where have I been? 
Just about everywhere I usually am, can't get my shit together but I swear, starting from today I'll try to post more regularly. (Can you believe this, I used to have problems with posting way too often when I started this blog? Where did I take the time from??)

Are there any cool new bands around that are, like, proper cool and original and exciting, and whose music would actually increase your will to live, and not drown you in a depressive void?
That's an actual question from me to you guys, I'm all open for links and stuff because if I listen to whatever is on my phone for one more week I will just dissolve into nothingness #saveascallywag

Should I murder Elizabeth Peyton?
No! That does not change the fact that she is the epitomy of almost everything I despise about contemporary art industry. Gal gets a spot at some fancy NY art college (probably wealthy parents), makes connections, paints a shit ton of GENERIC, PSEUDO EXPRESSIONIST portraits of rockstars and IT girls etc., that look like try hard fakes of Brücke or Bauhaus artists, that ANY advanced class art student could have done BETTER, and that EXPRESS NOTHING, and she gets exhibitions and recognition for what? - for making a ton of bullshit, with people mentioning her distinctive style. I'm sorry if she's anyone's favourite artist but there is NOTHING distinctive about her style, and NOTHING expressive or interesting or new about her paintings, and I'm just raging whenever I see her name mentioned anywhere alongside with the words 'renowned artist'. If you don't know who that is, just google and then cry together with me and Leonardo Da Vinci in heaven about what we've come to.

Should I get back to exercising/sort out my wardrobe/maybe consider washing my hair more often than once a week?
Yes! That might be unexpected (or maybe not) but I'm really, really, really, really focused on looks/appearance. This doesn't mean that Regina George is my role model, but I have pretty draconic ideals and if I do not conform to them, that's bad. I don't, right now, and I do feel bad about myself. That's obviously not the way to go for everyone, but to look like you want to look is, for me, always the best way to also take control over everything else in your life. I feel like before creating something, I need to first create a me that I like. If that makes sense.

Come on, be honest... Is there hope for this blog?
Yes! I am now proud owner of a Wacom Intuos Pro graphic tablet and I have promised myself to dedicate at least half an hour every day to slowly re-do the graphics on here and on my society6 shop and my facebook page, too. Use it for new artworks, too. I also noticed that as I go along, I have several blogable thoughts and ideas every day, but usually I'm just too exhausted in the evenings, or people ask me to do things, or my cat Johnny (who joined my in the daily woes of life in August and I haven't shown you yet) claims all my attention for himself BUT I also promised myself to not let that take up ALL of my time and dedication since I have realised lately that in this life, there is nothing for me other that to work creatively and I need to brace myself and put my stuff out there, join projects, create, create, create. I will draw, I will write. If I'm lucky I'll get involved with music, as I used to. Other than that, there's nothing here for me. (draaahmaaahh. no, I'm serious. This blog will live.)

Anything else?
Nah, not really. Don't forget to say hi.

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