Londonesque day #3

Day No. 3 was just as awesome as the first two. As there were only girls joining the excursion (except for one lecturer), you can imagine that we decided to dedicate one day to... shopping only! At least until the next play in the evening.
We started off at Oxford Street, moved on to Regent Street and checked out all the little streets at the sides of these big two. I didn't shop much of clothing, but some jewelry, presents for everyone at home and a LOT of biscuits and different English Christmas pastry stuff. Won't tell you about how much money I left there,since I don't want to scare you.
Also I have discovered that my camera is able to produce sort of a blurry picture if you do one particular little movement with your hand while pressing the button, so I made some indeed lovely shots of Piccadilly Circus and the London Christmas decoration all over the town. Enjoy the pictures!

Shooping paradise!

Topshop cuties
Yes, that's Londonish cuddly...whoever.

They were REALLY huge!
Writing postcards with the girls at my beloved Starbucks

Sunset at Oxford Street
"Jump in!" shouted the cab driver. Well no- he didn't.

The London government has too much of money, as it seems.

Rush rush!
My masterpiece picture! :D



  1. Den "Big Mistakes"-Radiergummi finde ich echt spitze, haha!
    Ich will auch unbedingt einmal nach London, deine Bilder machen mich total neidisch und noch mehr Lust auf einen Kurztrip dahin <3

  2. You look like you are having fun

  3. Sorry pasted the wrong email address above


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