londonesque day #2

The second day was a lot chillier than the first one, because we had the chance to sleep at least a few hours and so got up more alive in the morning. The business was then walking around and do a bit of sight- seeing because one of the girls who joined the trip was in London for the first time, and to be honest- I couldn't see enough of this town, ever. Westminster, Big Ben, Hyde Park (and obviously Winter Wonderland), Buckingham Palace and Brick Lane were the places; the only problem I had was that I had missed to charge the battery of my camera which meant that it got quite soon quite empty and I was really pissed about that. So while three of us enjoyed an Indian meal at a little restaurant at Brick Lane, me and another girl went back to the hotel, which was quite a long way, to charge my cam, and so risked to be late for the play of the evening- 'Reasons to be Pretty' which I think I wouldn't have regretted because it really didn't knock me off my feet. I can't enjoy a play if all the time I have the urgent need to murder one of protagonists, simple as that. (KILL STEPH, for the ones who know what it's about). But as my camera had enough power to take another 20 to 30 pictures (the header picture among them), the evening was saved and I didn't feel as bad as before.


That really seems to be a profitable business in this town, since everybody's in it...

What a capture!
Ding Dong!

That's a patriot, isn't she?
Hey there, little fella! Feeding them was quite funny.

The Abbey
Shelter, wherever I go!

One of the few underground stations where you really can't get away without problems...


I wouldn't like to be in their shoes.
Brick Lane street art. But there my cam didn't have enough power anymore -.-

All Indian cuisine at Brick Lane
Yeeeees:3 Me and the merry- go-rounds, I know. Sorry.
What? OF COURSE I have to use a phone box, I don't have a mobile phone!! :P

Beauty Buckingham


  1. Hey, hast du Lust auf gegenseitiges Verfolgen?(: http://wonderfulabby.blogspot.com/

  2. danke dir, freut mich sehr <3 kreativer bliog, deiner ! :D

  3. tolle bilder ♥ ich war auch grade da :)

  4. sehr schöne Bilder. Ich liebe London.

    das Eichhörnchen ist total goldig!

  5. Hey :) thanks for your comment :)

    Love your blog damn much :)



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