'in a galaxy far far away' is the new 'head in the clouds'

I have already melodramatically described my love of movies that I can get completely immersed in and I would not be me if I didn't at least once post solely for the purpose of mentioning Star Wars. It's not at all sophisticated but as opposed to local social media lore, neither am I. Therefore, absolutely nothing stands in my way of trashing out ruthlessly to the new part of the Star Wars franchise, which I've loved since I was a kid and am not planning to ever stop loving. It's just like one big ass spaced out fairy tale you can absolutely drown in- the visuals, the jokes, the plot twists. They're not difficult films, mind you, but they're so very much alive and pulsing that it's a pleasure to pretend you're part of it. So, typically, I've been neglecting basic needs and important tasks to mooch around tumblr and twitter absorbing tons of comics, memes and wild fan theories from a galaxy far, far away. Why not? I kind of plead innocent because if I walk out of the cinema excited and with my dumb little brain full of visions and ideas, smiling at dialogue bits and the feeling of particular scenes, and happily anticipating what may or may not still happen in the next movie- that's super unproductive, but I guess life isn't always about productivity. Sometimes you just gotta produce some pheromones by laughing like an idiot at your laptop screen at 3 a.m. when you've been browsing fanart and comics and potential future plots for the last six days, and if that keeps you going, it's a good thing- right? RIGHT GUYS?

The drawing is digital and just a mini thing based on my current mood and current favourite colour scheme. It's cliché as heck but so am I, sometimes. Very often, in fact. [roars in wookie]
Who watched The Force Awakens and is geeking out, too? I'm dead for Han but Ben is my favourite name, ever. Sorry.

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