two pixel julians

I kind of can't get to grips yet with what my Wacom is capable of, and what I am...


  1. What the Wacom is capable of, or what you're capable of? It's a tool, it's capable, but you can't discount your own skill, too. I know you’d say it’s not there, but can you bear to be wrong long enough to accept for a moment that you’re better than you think? A tool has no ability on its own, it just contains potentialities--just like you, full of potentialities. But you have many more. And perhaps you need to realise that before you can know what you are.

    1. I am too whiny and horrible to get such encouraging comments on here. thank you xxx
      I reckon I'm pretty impatient with myself when it comes to moving forward in whatever field I'm currently struggling...

    2. The first step to being one of the amazing sort of whiny and horrible people is to admit it, which you have done readily. Congratulations, miss. (And what I said was true so don't you dare begrudge it)
      (And patience is a virtue, virtue is a grace, and Grace is a little girl who wouldn't wash her face. Perhaps you're washing your face too often? Or would you rather I be serious?)
      -The Anonymous

    3. this is lovely. dont be serious, this blog is an upside down world where anonymous comments arent mean, so please feel free to join me in my infinite silliness.


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