oh teh emMotioNS and all that


Yes, I have scanned a chocolate bar, that's called artistic freedom. Life at the moment is a bit of a mega-mess; see pictures #1 and #2. The rest was taken in the beautiful town Nancy, France. 

Since I'm pretty positive y'all don't want my emotional breakdowns, graphic and literary sobbing over piles of work or the discrepancy between my imagination and my reality as well as other heartaches and headaches on here, blog posts that entertain and make sense will be rare in near future BUT I'm preparing something super special for all those of you who enjoy my drawings so make sure you ☛ watch this space  There's loads of reasons to be excited, so BE EXCITED JSHDLsjkjskdjskdhfsdlAS xxx


  1. Oh, Tame Impala <3 This band is so great!
    Woah, now I am reaaaally excited :O

  2. likeliy pictures! and don´t be sad any longer :o


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