how about no

"Well, at first I thought you were a bit strange, but cool. It felt like you didn't get emotional about anything, really. You probably didn't think anything in particular about me. I thought you were kind of puzzling. You probably thought I was completely mental. Maybe you were curious, but I was barely ever thinking about what you might or might not be thinking- back then. Maybe you thought I was striking. Insecure as I am, when you said hello I was afraid you were just sneering. When I learned that you weren't, I was flattered. But I thought you thought I was a weirdo, and I thought you probably wouldn't bother that much. I think that maybe you thought that I didn't bother, though I did. So did you. When I learned that you were even more intrigued than I was, I felt rainbows. For some time I thought that you thought of me what I thought of you, but I didn't consider that maybe you thought I didn't think what I was thinking. Maybe you decided to keep yourself to yourself, but maybe you didn't because that is just what I think. Maybe that's just you. All the sparks we kept sending each other may or may not have been sparks to you. Maybe you're sat somewhere wondering what the hell I am thinking, maybe you're drunk somewhere, not thinking at all. Maybe I am drunk with thoughts about what you think what I thought what you thought what I thought what you thought..."


  1. i just love your blog!
    may i ask you how the font is called you are using? i would love to use it in a project of mine but i don't know the name.
    thank you!
    young blood

  2. Oh du kannst wirklich toll zeichnen! Mir gefällt auch der Text sehr.


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