mis et re

Sometimes people invent other people. Authors invent characters, directors invent their actors, people like you and me invent people like me and you. People love to misunderstand, misinterprete, mis-match, misread, re-read, re-invent, reform, renounce and, in general, to do anything to avoid seeing what's there. Thus, people end up doing all the "mis-" and "re-" actions to themselves, to try and cope with the unsteady outcome of their attempts. If I was french, I'd say "mis et re". You get my point? Mis-et-re. Misery. Far fetched, I know, but fantastically, drunkenly well-fitting. Sometimes people are just too hard to work out. Sometimes the alleged subject should stop trying to examine and assemble the alleged object because roles are going to change so quickly that neither of them notices. And then they change again. And again. And again. On the list of life's nuisances this might be in the top 50.


  1. hey,

    ich hab dich geteaggt. vielleicht hast du lust mit zu machen? schau einfach mal auf meinem blog vorbei!


  2. I like your musings. I'm reading it over and over trying to work it out. I'm glad you are making me think. :D

    1. super glad to hear it hehe, thanks!

  3. I totally agree with Maria, it's a pleasure to read and re-read you. Thanks for your comment, I will like to know wich places do you recognize from my drawings. xx


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