A neurotics life is like an onion- the more skins you peel off, the more you cry. The dreams and phantasies- skins- that you create around the core of reality are so much thinner than reality, the onion, itself, so much more fragile- how do you even come up with the idea that they might persist? You may want to find a way of keeping yourself from consciously fooling yourself, pal, because otherwise you're going to run out of tears before you run out of years. 

Some ideas you had were one skin, some ambitions and feelings another; people have been made up, impressions were given for nothing. And all the trouble only to wrap up an onion you still don't want to see.


  1. True, and you keep peeling off the layers even though you never want anyone to reach the center.



    1. why would you want to peel them off? I think I prefer creating new ones, but they never last...

  2. That picture looks so beautifully sad...

    You always write such brilliant texts!
    I think what you wrote is so true and in some way it reminds me of waking up from a wonderful dream today. I kept thinking about it and making up a whole story around it just to keep myself away of the dull, empty reality...


  3. Das gefällt mir! Merke gerade, dass ich echt deinen Blog vermisst habe. Bin nämlich länger (wegen Abistress usw.) nicht auf Blogs unterwegs gewesen. Von daher: Yeeey! :)


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