impressions impressed the impressive impressible

Yeah, thoughts go to infinity, dreams are high up in the sky, the rest isn't moving. A mind full of cats. A spring full of rain and green leaves. A startling need in colours and tea. Excitement takes turns with melancholy. It's strange, I just kinda want to lay down and ... I don't know, I just sit here and listen to music.

..."Look how the contours match, even the colours. We should have some pictures taken of us together, close-ups, you know, the ones where faces touch..." "You're quick to imagine things like that. I don't really see any resemblance." "Come on, don't be a spoiler! We're lucky to hang out, we might as well make art of it. We're artful on our own, we could be artful together. We would be beautifully artful together."

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  1. cats <3 I had a day full of purring cats today! :)

    The text is soo beautiful, just like the song!

  2. I like your drawings and the peacefulness found in the photo of the plant and your tea. (also I see that American Psycho peeking out; I'm curious to know what you think of it...i wasn't able to get through it --way too graphic :( ) Anyway. I kind of understand excitement taking turns with melancholy. And how there is strange, lonely comfort in both. The words (lyrics?) you have posted remind me of Toro Y Moi's song 'You Hid'. He sings one of my favorite lines: "you might as well waste your time with me if you're gonna be here." Sometimes you just gotta chill and listen to music for a while.

  3. Dein Blog ist echt schön, ich mag die Bilder und deinen Schreibstil sehr :)


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