a conversation that never took place #2

"I can't relate to what you think about me. I'm not all that fancy, you know."

"I can't know."

"Well, I tell you. You see things that aren't there."

"Perhaps, but I see other things that are definitely there! Your starting point. Your glam life, you know, all the faces and places... seeing the world, doing what you love, no boundaries...I'd love to be you, having a fucking brilliant time, most of the time, pure jokes together with your best friends... the best of friends, ever, and all that."

"...nah, really, you can't know. Go out and have it with your best friends."

"I haven't got best friends."

"Then go and make best friends."

"That's impossible. I can't stand them. Most people, I mean. ...Do you want to be my best friend? You're my first and only choice."

"Haha, you know I didn't mean that. But yeah, I'd love to be your best friend. But you see, there's so much you just kinda blank out, because you haven't lived this life yet, you haven't lived my life, and I don't want to you to fantasise and forget about living your own. It would be a waste."

"Stop preaching, I'm not a child, I know all that. I'm just...lost, yes, lost is the word. Or stuck. Or both. Lost, stuck and forgotten."

"Shall I pull you out?"

"Don't promise what you can't keep."

"I promise I don't!"

"Now you did it again. You know why you can't pull me out. You're out of the game for me."

"Oh, little one. If I could... what are you writing all the time?"


"Is it a love story?"

"What?! ...Do I look like I'm writing one?"

"Yes. You've got that expression on you're face. If they could, your eyes would probably turn pink."

"You're silly. The only thing I'm in love with is an idea, maybe..."

"Am I that idea?"

"Fuck off."

"Aren't we the well educated! Interesting... so you consider me something like a desirable concept?"

"Oh, shut up."

"Try and shut me up."


  1. das regime ist erfreut, genauso wie du dich nun über ein neues groupie erfreuen darfst. großartiger content, mademoiselle. und 88 bringt unglück.

  2. ok, das kann ich so akzeptieren. ;)
    der ist gut! und du kannst echt gut englisch!

  3. stimmt schon, ja. ich bin auch nicht immer in der stimmung für folk. ich mag ja eigentlich noch ziemlich vieles. ein wenig abwechslung muss schon sein :)


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