somewhere in the month of june/july

I'm back in da hood, friends.
1) remember diet...not. 2) sugar for my brain, uni exams. 3) ordered pretty earcuffs by asos. 4) have developed a weird obsession with bright nail polish. 4) le me studying. 5) le me after studying and all exams done. 6) nom nom, nice picnic stuff. 7) cologne in the evening. 8) my keys after I failed to open beer bottles with them. 9) boo yaah, glowing stuff. 10) a beautiful mess. 11) lonely bottle and atmospheric shadows, artsy and that. 12), 13), 14) and 15) fireworks in cologne. 16) the city isn't even that ugly by night. 17) waiting for the tram back home.
So this was the update, I'm still alive. Got big plans ahead, be curious.


Don't be shy.