work work work

I'm writing a film script draft right now. It's super hot, my laptop is super hot because it's on since hours and I'm close to dying. Though fortunately my story is turning out to be not quite as crappy as I expected it to be at first. However, there's still a scary load of work left with it, and obviously it's not the only thing to be done. Don't expect any posts during the next week(s), my brain is buzzing, sprinkling obscene words into my thoughts and protesting vehemently against exploitation.


  1. hab ich dich schonmal gefragt was du studierst? gemrnaistik, Englisch, Literatur oder Film? :D

  2. Oh das hört sich doch gut an, mal sehen, ob ich mir nächstes jahr auch sowas organisieren kann :D

  3. Geografie, Geologie, Literatur, Fotografie, Skandinavistik, Kunst, Politik, Journalismus oder Fotografie.

    Ich würde halt irgendwie was machen, was mit Reisen und Kreativität zu tun hat :D, das wird wohl schwer...

  4. I UNDERSTANDING YOUR PAIN HAHA. HAPPENS TO ME ALL THE TIME. I hope you can check out my site: http://theproverbs.net and JOIN THE SITE. It has been a pleasure. Hope to hear from you soon and following.

    god bless,
    steven b.


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