I diy-ed something. omg.

Incredible but true: I did something myself. This is my pen's new home because I didn't want to carry them around in this horrible cheap fake leather case I had before, but I couldn't find any case I liked, so, now they have a hand-made bag. Er, yes, I see that it's askew and asymetric and all that, but I hate planning things.
Which means, I just basically took scissors, cut out a rectangular piece of fabric and started sewing- by hand... This is true HANDIcraft, my friends! The buttons are ancient, they're from a jacket I wore in kindergarten times.
Well, however ugly this is, now my pens know I appreciate them. Dear pens, I appreciate you.

And now I'll treat myself to a cup of tea.


  1. How cool :D

  2. Haha, also ich finde süß, dass du sowas sagst. :D


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