hipsters, hipsters everywhere

For a long time I have been observing the strange phenomenon called 'hipster', this new manifesto of individuality and pussycat-bohemia, without commenting. What do I think of that? Difficult question. If you ask me what I think of the overall concept: great. Individuality, having your own mind, thinking instead of just doing it mainstream, going back to the roots, all that. Nice. The idea's execution? A catastrophe. When did mustaches, triangles and space pictures out of nowhere become symbols for thoughtful heads, uniqueness and sophistication? Dear hipsters, you don't become all wise and thoughful by changing your wardrobe from poutpourri to brownish orange wool cardigans and skinny trousers. You're not smart because you carry around books you haven't even read or understood. You don't automaticly become everybody's role model because you act as if great names in history meant something to you. You're not the materialisation of class if all you do is consulting the latest fashion mag issues and lookbook.nu to be up to date about what is considered 'hipster'.
Now, all that sounds as if I hated hipsters with a passion- I don't. I just wish that people who strive to be different really were different, discovered who they actually are and didn't just copy every fancy guy on the internet, with shabby accessoires like empty hornrims and mustache tattoos on some particular finger on their hands. I wish they really read the books they like to quote on their blogs and on facebook. I wish they allowed themselves to be more than just fashionable. I wish they really tried to work on something important. I wish they weren't the new Barbie dolls who do nothing but get the term 'individuality' into a complete and almost embarrassing mess.
Yes, I wear totebags. But I do it because it's just a fashion, a fashion I like. I don't see myself as a higher being on this planet because I wear totebags, and neither do I connect them to my oh so infinite knowledge and independence from everything. I don't have a problem with people trying to be different, I'm trying to be different myself. But I have serious problems with people spoiling the word 'individuality' with such behaviour.The worst thing about this wave of hipsterness is that especially those who are members of a herd try to disguise themselves as exceptional beings. Those who really are exceptional are the ones who show what's inside them; they are the ones who don't believe the hype, who don't care; who wear glasses if they need them; whose priority is reaching their aims and not making other people believe they had some when there's nothing there. It's a difficult topic, but I hope you get my point.

The result of this superficial hipster being the new mainstream is a group of 'unique, alternative' people looking all the same, saying they love what they are supposed to love to support the image, doing what they are expected to do, still being what they were before- sheep in a flock, a flock that changed it's colour from white to 'cosmic blue with triangular patterns'.
EDIT: My sheep is actually much to cute to represent something stupid. Sorry, little sheep, I like you.


  1. sad but true story... individuality is underrated

  2. I love you so much right now.

  3. Nein gar nicht :), spacesheeep ♥

  4. Ich hoffe es ist ok, wenn ich dir in deutscher Sprache kommentiere :)

    Das Hipster ist irgendwie echt an mir vorbei gegangen. Bzw. geht an mir vorbei. Ich bekomme es mit, befinde es für seltsam. Was genau ist Hipster? Irgendwie ist es mir zu schwammig. Wie kann Vorliebe für Fashion (Mainstream) überhaupt Hauptaugenmerk einer "Bewegung" sein.
    Mir ist es aber sehr unsympathisch, wie viele an diese Trends ran gehen.

    Ach schwierig. Aber ich verstehe deinen Punkt. Jeder ist ein Individuum, ohne besonders darauf hinweisen zu müssen.

  5. *standing applause*
    cute sheep by the way (seriously!)

  6. Guter Text! :) Ich wünschte, ich würde das ganze etwas lockerer sehen wie du. Mir geht das ganze Hipstergetue nämlich mittlerweile derbe auf den Sack.

  7. schön :)

    möchtest du vielleicht an meiner Blogvorstellung teilnehmen? du musst auch nicht Leser werden, du bist also zu nichts gezwungen!
    ich würde mich freuen, also mach mit! :)


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