I sometimes think one could depict my interaction with other people my age around me as the attempts of scientists to send something to the open space that would make hypothetical aliens understand humanity- entirely different languages, minds, values. You can always only hope that something's conveyed to the other. If they mention that I don't behave how I should, I try to tell them why. They are so compassionate and immediately provide a solution to my problems. From what they say I understand that they haven't understood absolutely anything. And why do they always try to make me believe they know better than me what is important? What is right? I have my own mind. I don't try to convince you to think what I think. But, in return, let me think what I think, love what I love, be who I am.

And anyway, for heaven's sake, just let me be.


  1. Oi, na hoffen wirs mal. D:

  2. It gets less complicated eventually. You'll notice that. One day. A long way down the line.


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