my life takes place on paper

Am I not a tad weird? My life takes place on paper. The sun is shining and I draw people enjoying it outside, in my rather dark room, occasionally looking up and through the window, instead of just going there. When I want to talk to someone, I pick up a sheet and a pen and write down everthing I want to say, and then I throw it away. I wonder how large the pile of sheets like that would be if I kept them. A person made of paper, that's what I am.


  1. Ich zeichne/schreibe sowas zwar nicht auf, aber ich gehe immer viele Situationen im Kopf durch. Und dann habe ich keine Lust mehr, die Sachen auch wirklich zu sagen, weil ich es ja im Kopf bereits gesagt habe. :D

  2. was hast du denn an dem Tag gemacht? :3

  3. this really is a cute picture. like it:)♥


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