A few things to stroke my tiny, little inner optimist, so he doesn't move out or die of loneliness:
  1. Today it was raining all day, I got quite wet a few times and when I was on the bus it started raining really heavily and already started getting grumpy about it because I had no umbrella with me and was quite sure that I was going to drown or at least to get completely soaked. But when the bus stopped, the  stream got less all out of a sudden and the sun came out from behind the clouds. 
  2. I asked one of my lecturers about a few things I needed to know about my application for the nme and hopefully I will write the application letter this week and hopefully it will be brilliant so hopefully they take me and I will have something to look forward to and be skippy and happy-go-lucky and all that.
  3. In a seminar on folly in Shakespeare I learned that the tragedy's motto is "I can't go on, I won't go on." and the comedy's "I can't go on, I will go on.". This means, my life is a comedy which suggests it's funny which, again, suggests, in the end everything works out.

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  1. Bitte! :>
    Und? Bist du vom Stuhl gekippt? D:


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