product of a weary mind

I obviously need rest. If this is what the content of my mind looks like, I so bloody do. I wonder what people see in it. They find it beautiful. My woe is beautiful, an aesthetic pleasure is my mindache, but alas, this fortune I chose myself by picking up the brush.

I'd fancy a good tune, some tea and chocolate and something adventurous to light up my day- right NOW! And someone to cancel the concert tomorrow, my voice feels like shit. I spent the morning watching documentaries on rock singers and I'm envious like hell. It's not that I want my old band back, heavens, no! But I'd fancy finding people who'd like to make proper music with me.


  1. So geht es mir auch. Ich fühle mich immer noch, als wäre ich irgendwas zwischen 14 und 16. Somit wird seit einigen Jahren jedes Jahr mein 14. Geburtstag gefeiert. :'D

    Und ich danke dir! :)

  2. Oh mann, ich bin so grottig in Englisch :D
    Könntest du mir ungefähr sagen, worum es in deinem Post geht? Sorry :D


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