an idea of photography

Yeeees peeps, I'm not dead. My head is a bit exhausted at the moment, and there's nothing I did that's worth blogging about, so I'll just share an observation with you.

There's quite a few photoblogs around now, because it seems to have become a fashion to be a photographer. But mostly it's only rich parents' kids with expensive cameras taking pictures of themselves and things they consider artistic, and there's nothing more behind it, and the photos don't even look good. Another category are people, who do have an expensive camera, but also have something like a sense of right proportions or whatever, so their photos are pleasant to look at, and in some way beautiful, but that is not everything a photo is.

In my opinion, a perfect photographer is someone who can capture bits of life without having to compose something, without having to ask friends to pose for him. Without trying to add some notion or sense to something that hasn't got it. Someone who has an eye for spectacular moments in an otherwise unspectacular life.
As an example I'd like to recommend this blog, so you see what I mean:

Oh, and one thing I'd like to stress: I'm not a photographer.


  1. Those photos are stellar! Thank you for the recommendation, I followed. I also like that the colours in the photos are not too sharp! It's a nice change from other high-level photography.

    I think photography is popular because it's fun, quick, and often beautiful. Personally, I don't consider myself a photographer, but I like to pretend. :) I think I'm more of an explorer of the world documenting my adventures.

    Have a wonderful day! x.

  2. wahu! thanks so much! love the text and am lucky because thats exactly what i am trying to do...catching moments....thanks :)


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