Why am I actually blogging?

  1. I have no friends. ...Joking. 
  2. I like to share with other people what I consider worth sharing.
  3. I can play out all my strange interests and obsessions (Shakespeare, Petey etc.) without annoying my friends who don't share them.
  4. I can imagine myself being a great artist.
  5. I can imagine myself being a great writer.
  6. I can experience the power of Internet connection and the mysteries of the world wide web. ("Lalala, checking statistics...Excuse me?! Someone just seriously visited my blog from a website about cheap dentures?!?") (By the way, if someone could explain me how that works, please feel free to tell me.)
  7. I get mysterious visitors from countries like Singapore, that's exciting.
  8. I'm allowed to talk a lot of rubbish, because some others do it, too.
  9. I'm allowed to be mysterious.
  10. I'm allowed to talk in riddles.
  11. I get in touch with nice people.
  12. I can talk about myself if I want to and no one is complaining, because this is a personal blog.
  13. I can, as well, not talk about myself, see point 9.
  14. I can spam around and binge- post my favourite music (if I did on Facebook, my friends would kill me).
  15. I have space for whatever I consider worth it.
And why are you blogging?

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