tracing kafka

I remember that town. I thought that what was expecting me was grey and boring, nothing new- but how incredibly wrong I was! 

It is one of those cities that have a soul you can sense as soon as you pass the suburbs.
The squares, the churches, the river shining in the morning sun, the bridges, the ancient houses whose looks tell you about what they have seen in their centuries long life...
The small shops, the carters calling for people to stop and take their offer, the Absinth shop with 40 %Vol. ice cream for people older than 18 only... 
The castle, enthroned above the whole city, offering a marvellous view, all the ancient green roofs, and brick walls...
The monument of Franz Kafka, next to the jewish quarter- his biography being incredibly touching; walking this town, you could sense he had been walking there, somewhen during his 40 years on this planet.
The Zlatá ulička, the Golden Alley, where gold is said to be made by alchemists, and where I decided to buy one of those tiny houses as soon as I'm millionaire...

Can you guess the city?


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  1. ja? dann muss ich mal schauen ob die von bench mir zu sagen :D - danke :)


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