merry-go-rounds, childhood and venice

My twitter name is merry-go-round, my facebook profile is called 'on a merry-go-round' and there is a big painting of a girl on a merry-go-round hanging on the wall in my room. Why's that?

I'd call it enchantement. Perhaps you have heard of the novel "Thief Lord", perhaps you've even read it. It's a book for younger folks, actually, and I got it about six or seven years ago, but ever since I couldn't forget about the idea of a magic merry-go-round that, once you've ridden it, could turn you into a child again.
The action takes place in Venice, so now I'm obviously looking for a possibility to see this town myself. I have been told it's not as mysterious as people say, yet I firmly believe it is; I've read the book ten, perhaps twenty times, and that has left marks on me.

If I had the choice, I'd stay five years old. People say you'd miss things of the grown-up's life, and some years ago I could just protest and claim there's nothing I'd miss, but now that I'm nearly 21 I can tell for sure: I wouldn't miss anything. If I could stay at home, with my family always around, with joy, with toys and belief in this world and in the Unbreakable, I'd be perfectly happy.

Things I'll be looking for when I'm in Venice.


  1. nein dir muss es nicht peinlich sein. und ich kann das nicht perfekt ihc kann es so das es hält. äußerlich relativ gut aussieht UND das es für mich akzeptabel ist :D
    danke :))

  2. Ahh hast du das gezeichnet? wenn ja Respekt :)! Jaa, stoppen kann das niemand...wäre auch zu schön.

  3. Mir geht es da ganz ähnlich. Ich sehe am Erwachsensein nichts wirklich Positives. Man erkennt nur, wie ungerecht und kalt die Welt ist. Mir wäre es auch am liebsten, wenn ich wieder ein Kind wäre - aber mit dem Wissen von jetzt, damit ich die Zeit mehr auskosten kann. :>


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