the journey

look, here it is, it's right ahead
and now confronting you
a rock to climb, a route to find
so, what you're gonna do?

you call your folks, get some support
and now back to the task
riddle to solve, deep sea to dive
'but how?' you're gonna ask

united powers is the key,
you all will think and start
to get it done, quite confident
but soon you'll fall apart
one tries like this, one tries like that
and never you agree
on how to find your way, the way
how it's supposed to be

it gets quite harsh, the argument, 
and everyone decides
to work his way through rain and dust
to all existing sides

your way, it tears you into bits
far too exhausting to move on
besides, you miss the others, it's
not fun, this journey, anymore

and you return to reconcile
continue as a team
but later a new rock arrives
and there you go again!

you fight again and you can't find
the little path for which you strive
to climb that rock, to tame the sea,
to live this thing called life.

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