space elf

This song makes me dreamy, and Grimes in general just makes me dreamy, and Haruka and Michiru make me dreamy as heck, so here you go.


They were several people sitting around in the living room and sipping beer on a fairly lighthearted, early evening. Giggles and jokes, very layed back. Afterwards, she couldn't quite recall what everyone has been talking about because she was trying to watch him as inconspiciously as possible. He hadn't noticed, or so she hoped. She had no particular plans, and even lesser hopes, none, actually - she was comfortable as she was, just an innocent bystander where he happened to exist, to smile at lame jokes and to seem quite content. Watching everything from a short distance, in an elvish manner even, or so she sweet-talked it to herself. The view was quite the enjoyment though - he looked so soft, the idea of what the skin on his face would feel like if you just touched it passed through her mind momentarily - and she was surprised to notice that, even at this thought, nothing stirred inside. She was imagining it pragmatically, and she drew great joy from it. Better not let it get out of hand. Behold, but do not touch. Best not to get invested into something that will be a certain bankruptcy. 

A brief moment of her negligence and his glance catches her eyes. Her gaze in turn drifts away as if he had never been the subject. He's not that easily fooled though, and there are several almost-eye-meetings. She looks around, waiting for a moment to retreat from the party. Of course, he preempts her and ruins her nonchalance-emergency-leave. When she thinks he's out the door and gone off, she bows out and heads for the exit. He is still there, but leaving- really leaving, this time, and they look at each other in a way she does her best not to interpret as mutual understanding of what just occured in a fraction of a moment back in the living room. They only share about three seconds though, as awkward as can be, and she walks into the chilled evening air feeling thoroughly uncomfortable for potentially having been defeated in this game of pretending that there's nothing to pretend.

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