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hellooo brethrens,

blogger has been a massive let-down the other day- I actually got a few bits done for the new design (header & background) but this dumb platform won't let me upload the background? And the hmtl thingy doesn't have the codes I apparently need to find to insert it?? HALP if anyone's got a suggestion, I'm all up for it, tell me!

In related news, I've been busy as hell because uni started again and I've got a student job with the WDR's ARD now (1st TV channel, for the inhabitants of non-germany) which takes up a pretty damn decent amount of time (AND OF MY SLEEP ldfjskdj) which is why I have not yet posted about


Yes, I've seen Pete (again!) and Carl and John and Gary, and it was superb even tho I had to go alone because the one friend who wanted to see them too was broke and none of my other so- called friends were even remotely interested. So, I was in the second row and it was even more intense/painful/life-threatening than Babyshambles back in January, but I finally heard Music When the Lights Go Out live, the song that changed SO bloody much that I won't even get started on that. Here's two polaroids I managed to sneak of the Libs and Circa Waves who supported them before things got too dangerous for the camera:

& some more shots:

The next thing is that I was kind of thinking of making a zine (a real, non-digital, printed zine) that'd be like a booklet with drawings and some comments on my inspiration and how I see/experience the process of art/illustration making and stuff... do you think anyone would be interested in getting their hands on such a thing? Je ne sais pas. 

I should use my ideas catcher more often, there's a shit ton of stuff getting lost, I feel.

Hang in there, people xx


  1. It would be soooooo cool if you made a zine! I'd definitely be interested :)

  2. oh jesus, i'm so jealous you saw them live!!!! lucky lucky you!


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