I seem to always find myself announcing huge ass things and then nothing happens- I'm very unsure as to what to actually do. Right now, I'm torn between either turning this blog into something magazine-esque (which would make it less personal and random and I'm not sure if you guys would like, and it'd also mean all ye olde posts must go) or starting a magazine in style of Nylon or Rookie but with my personal touch of course (which would mean that I'd start a whole new page and then no one would go there which would make me sad... plus, I'm kinda fond of/used to this blog and I'd like to keep it - at least as an artifact for myself - as it is now. I'd be looking for fellow contributors tho which would make it kind of cool again..? maybe..? not sure). You'll be the 1st people to notice or to be notified tho, and if you have an opinion on this issue, PLEASE leave comments below. Also, if you wanna know more about the content I'm planning or if you know you'll wanna participate as soon as I've sorted things out, COMMENT below.

Other than that, things have been happening, some of which I'd hoped for and some of which I'd rather they hadn't- I'd like to stress tho that my #1 thought these days has been that it's the most stupid thing ever that people always ask whats wrong and if I wanna talk about it. I'd really prefer if people just knew about the mess I sometimes am and left this mess alone, and tried to cheer me up or distract me instead. Since people usually opt for being stupid, this job is done by the music I've been listening to lately. Here's the playlist:
I'd like to point out 'human sadness', this song turns you into the piece of crumpled paper that you are and then tries to smooth you down again and it's brutal/beautiful.

I made an illustration for 'half a person', too:
I actually also made one for 'rapt', and one for another song, and one for 'human sadness' is in progress but they are for the Cult Records zine and I will show you when they've decided whether they wanna include them or not (I hope they do).

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  1. Hello Hello.
    Einerseits finde ich, du kannst deinen Blog genau so noch lange weitermachen!!
    Die Texte sind wirklich, wirklich gut, die Illustrationen wunderbar und auch die Fotos!!

    Ich glaube, es würde viel verlorengehen, wenn du ihn auflösen würdest!!

    Andererseits wäre eine Art Zine auch ziemlich cool und was neues.
    Falls du dich wirklich mit mehreren Leuten zusammenschließen willst, schau dir doch mal meinen Blog an, oder schreib mir, oder so.

    Ich möchte schon ziemlich lang an einer Art "Gemeinschaftszine" oder wie auch immer der Ausdruck dafür ist mitwirken, ich finde es eine enorm gute Idee!!

    Also, meld dich einfach einmal, wenn du willst :)

    Voll liebe Grüße,


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