purr furr shurr!

Bonjour you guys, I hope I haven't been too much of a super-bore lately, if yes- I do apologise profoundly. I'd also like to let you know that I am bloody done and through and over with my bachelor studies, and I've been admitted to my master studies which is going to be english literature and media, starting tomorrow- YIS!

[a little clapping break for yous]

As you might remember, I've had monstrous plans for the post-bachelor time and I hope to get things going really soon. One of these soon-to-roll-things is this petite space in the interwebs, it might be a make-over or a major move, I'm not shurr yet but you will notice! For now, here is a picture of the one and only Jules Casabeautiful (I have this hobby of deciding to create the perfect Julian portrait from time to time, and ending up crying about how I can't even draw properly every bloody time, so I've decided to embrace my inability and do a series of not-so-perfect Juliesques). Are you as excited as I am for the JC + The Voidz stuff? I'm pretty psyched how Jules, apparently, decided it's ok to get as weird as he can- both music- and leather jacket-wise..!

And here's some more stuff I've been listening to over the past couple of weeks, dig it? Because I deffo do:

There you go, hope you're all looking forward to the stuff that is bound to happen on here! For more detailed progress stalking hit the follow buttons on Instagram and Facebook, I promise it will be great and candy will be raining from your keypadz xx

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