de la vie quotidienne

  ϟ my life for the past few months was basically chain-writing shit for uni, done one- get the next
ϟ I am now to find a topic for my bachelor thesis as fast as I can and write that shit as fast as I can, too
ϟ because I need to start learning for the bachelor exams and then I WILL BE EFFIN DONE
ϟ I have loads of plans for when I'm done, before I get on with my master studies
ϟ I'm gonna read tons of rad books and watch films and eat ice cream and sort out everything I was planning to sort out
ϟ  my master studies will be 742398478374893783 times more exciting than my bachelor
ϟ above you can see bits from my ideas catcher (yes that thing still exists): a doodle, the beginning of a song and a piecelet of prose
ϟ also you see a tshirt I got from asos but it says 'clever ain't wise' and I wanted to have it because of Babyshambles' "Fuck Forever" - OOOH YOU'RE SO CLEVER, BUT CLEVER AIN'T WISE
ϟ also you see the first acrylic painting I ever did, it's about three years old I think- suuuur le ciel de paris...
ϟ also you see a homeless cat that lives in my street and it likes me because a few days ago it came to sleep in front of the door of our house #QT #ILYSM #CALLMEULTIMATECATLADY
ϟ also you see a cover version of Green Day's 'Wake me up when September ends' me and my brother did ages ago, I don't remember if I already posted it but here you go, what do you think? I really want to get into singing again, I've totally abandoned it
ϟ also you see songs that I quite like and that I thought you might not know, because otherwise it's the usual for me- STROKESSSS, BABYSHAMBLES & MGMT at the moment.
ϟ la vie quotidienne. xxxxxxx


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