seeing the virgins

BOOM. So I've seen the Virgins last Saturday and it was the coolest thing ever. I just love this band! I really dig both of their albums and the show, well, let me put it this way- they ROCKED. But what ROCKED even more is that after the show, me and one of my two friends who I went with went over to Donald (the coooooolest guy ever!) who signed our tickets, and I told him that I got to write a review about the new album, and he was like, oh really, what did you write, and I told him, and after a while we ended up smoking outside and talking. The bands manager Ben (the guy in the denim jacket) and John, the drummer (the guy in the tartan shirt), joined, and as they wondered what else to do for the rest of the night, Donald said: "Let's just stay here, there's gonna be an 80s party later." Let's stay, to the guys and me and my friend. Can you believe it? This is how I spent Saturday night hanging with one of my favourite bands, having a few beers backstage and feeling pretty surreal. What I learned that evening: Ben is friends with Ryan Gentles (the Strokes manager, but also the Virgins are on Cult Records, the label that belongs to Julian Casablancas, so they quite obviously all know each other, but HOW FUCKING EXCITING IS THIS!?), Casio watches are difficult to get in New York and Warren Fu works with interns. A chance for me? Haha.

What shall I say, ever since Saturday I find my own life quite boring. Worst post-gig depression ever..!
And, hey, guys- is this the first picture ever of me on this blog..? I look fantastically horrible but I am just so excited about having met someone of those people I adore and I simply had to show off, haha.



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