untitled #11

  1. The bad thing about good things is that they tend to end.
  2. I am unable to feel serene.
  3. People always seem to be either happy or sad that life goes on, never indifferent.
  4. If life in general was weather, it would be sunny, -9°C.
  5. No idea how I'll get everything sorted.
  6. If life was punctuation it would be .-,:_**+*_-_--__%"()[] ...yeah, or maybe it wouldn't.
  7. I'm disturbingly addicted to the smell of burning matches. When I'm upset, I just burn some to feel better.
  8. I also think that washing powder feels and smells incredibly tasty, really have to control myself every time I do the laundry.
  9. I'm quite lonely. Not sure how I feel about that.
  10. I wish I could make a living of what I'm doing on here- drawing, writing and thinking.
  11. I wonder if someday there will be no need in this phlebotomy of the mind.


  1. hachja, mir gehts zur zeit irgendwie genauso. nur, dass du auch noch das talent hast, das in worte zu fassen (;

  2. I am rather lonely too, at the moment...and I also don't know what to think about it :)
    I absoulutely love the way you put all these things into words! <3

  3. Thank you so much!


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