never come down, machines

So, looks like it took me a while since Friday when I actually got the record, to come down (pun alert) and to put into words what this red square means to me now. Comedown Machine. I am not going to put into words what you will find on the CD inside this red square, but I can tell you that this record turned out to be exactly what I needed.

It's not really about me fangirling over good looking guys making brilliant music- which they certainly are- but about the fact that, if this album was a person, it would be someone who's state of mind is in a metamorphose, someone who is in transition from one point in his life to another, someone very similar to myself. Bittersweet memories of what was, dreams of what should've been, a certain raging stubbornness put against a wave of acceptance of the way how it's going to be from now on... it's almost unbelievable, how well it fits me.

I rarely evaluate music in terms of sound and details, like "yes, very precise riffs on this one, I like that, but the drums seem to be kind of out of timing" or something like that, but I try to feel the music. If I listen to something and it makes me see pictures, fall into a different mood than the one I was in before listening, music that has a proper own character, then this is the music I choose. I didn't even have to choose Comedown Machine, it just ran me over. I needed a whole hour on Saturday to bring myself to push the stop button and watch the film I'm writing a term paper on. Is this normal..?

The evening before getting it, I was washing dishes and kind of started inventing a song, a real song, with lyrics and music. A song about how it feels to grow up, because it looks like growing up and facing adult-ish responsibilities is one of my major tasks and my major struggles in life. And then, just imagine, the very next day it seems like the universe made an answer to my humble attempts, and gave me the music I needed. 

Comedown Machine- the setting is somewhere around New York, the mood is memories, the direction is hope, the sweet pitfall is nostalgia. People roaming the streets whilst realising they're different from the people they were ten years ago, and that it's different streets now, too. People walking towards the light. People saying "nah, fuck this shit, I'll just go out and make it", people shying away from their decisions, people in stagnation. People who's souls are on a trip to the past and to a parallel universe where everything used to be ok in the past and will be wonderful in the future, while they are lying in their beds, eyes closed... that's what I imagine when I listen to it.

As a special treat, I tried to look for pictures that are similar to the ones I saw inside my head when I listened to the record, so here they are. Song titles on each; even if you are not as much of a massive Strokes fan- listen, you won't regret it. It's an album that went beyong the usual Strokes style, beyond everyone's expectations, actually, and awakened feelings that, as I think, everyone can subscribe to because somewhen in their lives, everyone changed. Some photos are a bit cheesy, I admit, but also just very explicit, however. We're kind of simple and sometimes cheesy beings, as well. xx
ps: I hope you all got Spotify, because all the videos on YouTube are blocked. 

pps: I also hope you enjoyed this little visual 'review'.

ppps: I was very worried about rumours and signs that this might actually be the Strokes' Goodbye, but if I understood Albert on Twitter correctly, the only one they say Goodbye to is RCA, their label. LONG LIVE/PLAY ZE STROKES. 

pppps: I expect flowers and chocolate in jail, where I am certainly going to end because I have ignored the sources of the pictures. Again. (Gonna add Elvis Presleys 'Jailhouse Rock' to my playlist.)


  1. I love the way you have written all this...it makes me feel like I absolutely have to listen to this album :)

  2. You were so right, I really enjoyed listening to the record! :)
    And thank you for your lovely comment ;)


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