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I decided to try my luck with selling my illustrations on SOCIETY6. People have quite often responded to my art and I thought some might fancy having one or the other picture on their wall as an art print. Since, actually, I'm supposed to be doing course work for uni, I haven't got much time to spend on pimping the page and my new FACEBOOK artist page, it looks a wee bit more shabby than I intended. But as soon as I get to work on it, it will all look much fancier, and you'll be able to buy not only prints, but silly stuff like iPhone cases, pillows, tote bags and bla bla bla. I also promise not to spam this blog with advertisement, since the motto is still ART NOT ADS. But have a look and click like, if you like. Merci xx


  1. Wow, that's fantastic :)
    I'm looking forward to the tote bags, if there will be some money left, i might buy one maybe! <3


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