head over heels - the first caught ideas

Ta-daa, first impressions of the ideas catcher. Turned out as a wee bit diary-ish, but I thought I'd just sort of let it flow, and kind of see where it leads me. So, reactions?
Oh, and I could claim that I didn't edit the scans to preserve an artistic, vintage-incompleteness-very-philosophic vibe, but alas, I was just lazy. Forgive me.

The other thing is that, as some people might have read in my bio on that site you should not click, I'm pursuing a career as a journalist, and basically this is my own magazine- I want to kind of use this space more as the micro-mag it is and would like to know your thought and opinions on this. So, please be nice and take a few seconds for the poll on top of this page and feel free to leave any comments, suggestions, demands, death threats, marriage proposals... (I also like presents, so leave a comment if you want to send me a present.)

thanks and luuv y'all xx (what the hell is this. I'm turning into a kind of Carles. But he's successful, at least, so I don't mind. Just wait till I start calling you guys 'bb')


  1. i love all of it to be honest and i'd luv to buy you lunch or tea or something as a presoo aka present

  2. I really love the ideas catcher!
    It's so beautiful and inspiring, i think! <3

  3. Du bist so talentiert. Und ich könnte mir dich als Journalistin, also jetzt von deinem Blog ausgehend, sehr gut vorstellen. Hättest mehr als nur "ein Händchen" dafür. :)
    Und dankö für deinen lieben Kommi! :D

  4. Ah ich sehe gerade, dass wir fast zeitgleich kommentiert haben! :0
    Danke. Was du mir geschrieben hast, hat mich wirklich sehr, sehr gefreut. :) Und ich war gerade außerdem dabei deinen Blog in meine Favoriten-Liste zu übernehmen. Müsstest gleich mit dabei sein, füg's jetzt sofort ein. :)

  5. thanks thats a huge thing to say!! i felt kinda creepy commenting cause no one else has commented before and now i feel like i shouldnt say that cause thatd mean you dont get many comments....but u know..people are just a little stuck up nowadays and im writing a load of bullshit. sorray. amazing work tho im soooo jelly like a belly (jealous).

  6. Thank you too :) I totally agree with you! <3

  7. ich liebe dein notizbuch, ich liebe deinen humor und außerdem bin ich gerade ein bisschen neidisch, weil du so eine schöne handschrift hast (:


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