a selection of things I don't understand

  1. why in music business people ignore jewels and hype shit.
  2. people who like maths, or physics
  3. maths, or physics
  4. why people obey super-complex rules, hierarchies and mechanisms of socials groups instead of keeping it simple and being themselves
  5. why nobody has invented calorie-free chocolate yet
  6. why I can't be super-skinny just like that
  7. why someone would randomly start and maintain a conversation just to disappear at the nicest point
  8. why someone would then randomly reappear when it was completely unexpected...
  9. ...only to disappear once again very shortly after
  10. why anyone would start a conversation if they don't want to talk
  11. why people say things they don't mean
  12. why the only hip, future-ish thing we have are touchscreens and electric toothbrushes with USB plugs- time travellers from the past will be totally disappointed
  13. why some people are lucky and some are not
  14. why everybody seems to love how I look but very few people seem interested in what I create
  15. why I can't touch the tip of my nose with my tongue- I tried so hard!
  16. why I am writing this list.
Since I am a proud owner of an iPhone now, you can stalk me on Instagram, too: ( I mean, hey- EVERYBODY wants to see my lunch. I know you want it...) CLICK And please take a moment to appreciate the coolest phone case ever- those are flying elephants, it doesn't get much cooler than that, ok. 

...So I'm basically starting the new year with an utterly pointless post. Wuay.


  1. ooh *-* was für eine süße iphone hülle :-)


  2. 17. why people never read my texts and just leave nice comments about the pictures i post ... (ich hoffe die da oben liest das jetzt nicht. oder vielleicht doch...)

  3. sehr schöne hülle!! :)

    liebste grüße, nuwelinglasecondefois.blogspot.com

  4. nie und nimmer :) courtney love ist unglaublich hübsch und hat stil! ich liebe sie und ihre Musik :))

  5. nie und nimmer :) courtney love ist unglaublich hübsch und hat stil! ich liebe sie und ihre Musik :))

  6. genau, was wagst du es auch? nur mal weiter mit dem "autoben in aller seltsamheit". (toller ausdruck übrigens) das tun wir doch alle auf unseren blogs. oder vielleicht auch nicht...
    du hast mal in russland gewohnt? wie cool! da will ich mal hin.

  7. also bist du engländerin oder wärst dus gerne oder bist dus und hast noch nie da gwohnt oder hä? :D
    kannst du denn russisch?


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