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03:47 Well, I'm not quite sure how to explain this frequency of nihilistic late night posts, but I'll try using the most common excuse: the [insert name of a popular depression-like state of mind that you think might fit me, because I don't quite know it myself] crisis. It all starts with a series of contemplations on the recent development of my life, the realisation of epic fails all over my inner timeline (yeah, I don't even need facebook to timeline my life, am I not amazing?) and the cure. 

03:55 I never really cure anything. I just turn to some high standard cliché things such as writing songs/stories/poems or drawing, and, after realising that I'm close to epicly failing even here, to low standard cliché things such as eating [insert any unhealthy food] and watching [insert any type of stupid show/film that you'd normally be ashamed to confess that you actually watch it- in my case, it's Sailor Moon. I love watching Sailor Moon when I'm upset]. 

04:03 Sometimes I read fan fiction. Yes, I read fan fiction at night. I haven't yet figured out why I actually waste precious hours of sleep on flicking through the worst written rubbish that probably exists on this planet. I can't even completely subscribe to Andy Warhol's "Everything is pretty"- thesis, but I guess it's just switching my mind down to simplicity. Ease and leisure, that is what solves human problems, whether we like it or not. Getting back to the creative outbursts of enthusiastic fans- they just back this theory. Most stories turn out to be something romantic or horribly stereotypical, boring stuff nobody wants to read but most people want to live. People tend to take on the perspective of a strong, funny and unproblematic character- the worst thing you can do if you want to write a story. No conflict, no action, no excitement, no fun. No success for the author, in the end. But people are tired. Tired of being problematic characters. They want to be the cool Hogwarts girl who the greatest guy of the whole school is after, Legolas, who is flawless in appearance and skills, or a djinn, or some other optimised character from whatever story they're into. 

04:14 How great for this world I don't write fan fiction. Instead, I write pointless blog posts in the second half of the night, after a scary infusion of milky ways, strawberries, Sailor Moon and two halfs of fan fiction stories (yes, two halfs. I never read them completely in order to avoid sickness- I prefer to stop at the points where I can tell how it's going to end and that the author will never write a bestseller). I think processing things is the only cure. Trying to understand what actually is your situation, and I think I can do it best while writing. As Hemingway said: "There's nothing to writing. You just sit at the typewriter and bleed."

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