keep faith in the promise that change is still possible

Among the last few CD's I got to review there was the latest album by Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. I didn't know who that was before, it turned out to be a band project by some guy called Sam Duckworth. Who is Sam Duckworth? I got interested in him after rather enjoying the songs and noticing his overall positive attitude and the immense hope for the better that his songs transport. So I read a few articles and interviews; there he was, this boy who started making music on his own; the first successes- and people started calling him naive for thinking he could change the world. In an interview Sam said that he didn't mind people not liking him or his music, but he wouldn't stand people saying that hoping for something good is naive. What I found rather impressive is that he's not only going on about change, but in fact, he's doing something, catalysing things around him, being an important part in different protest movements, helping people to deal with the last August's riots in London, things like that.
His songs make you aware of how a single person can live their life, looking forward, starting everything all over again after failing but never giving up.

All this together just touched me. I admire this attitude and the fact that he himself actually is what he talks about, how he tries to encourage people to live and to have faith. It is something I lack a lot these days, so I was sort of an easy target for this type of personality, but I'm quite thankful for Sam's message because I have been reminded to stay aware of occasions to make your own world a better place and definitely not to ignore those things that show you- not everything's a complete catastrophe. Have a look at his music and his words. Just noticed this text is not so easy to read, it's late, I'm tired like hell, but I really wanted to share this  discovery with you.

"...Keep faith in the promise that change is still possible, nothing's impossible."

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