untitled #8

"Seriously, I don't ask you for anything. I'd never do that. I just sometimes imagine what it would be like if I didn't have to ask. No, don't reject it right from the start, just imagine. Let's...We might go for a walk out in the hills on our own, with a cassette player and a picnic basket. Sounds great, doesn't it? We could talk, we'd have a lot of things to discuss, all the music and the strange philosophic issues we get into a lot. Things about life, you know.

We'd discover a lot of things we have in common. ...no, don't smile! I'm not dreaming. I sense people's attitudes, you know. Quite precisely, I do. So now, we'd be out in the fields, with the cassette player and the basket, we'd find a nice spot to sit down in the grass, to go on with the conversation, to laugh like idiots, to almost cry, to fool around and sigh together. We'd munch sandwiches and I'd probably complain about being fat like I always do. Yes, you'll say I'm paranoid, I know. You'd be right, perhaps. I guess I'm paranoid about far too many things... But let's get back to the picnic scene, I like that. ...Really? Well, I told you you'll like, but you wouldn't listen, as usual. Yes, surely we'd share a bottle of wine, share it while the sun would go down.

Beautiful, isn't it. The grass and the sky and everything. And at some point we'd just grow more and more quiet, almost silent. And it would be cold because of a western wind, but this wind and the silence would feel entirely perfect. Like a whispered tale of great things yet to come, of something beyond understanding bringing along happiness."

Et voilà! My new header. What say? Might be interesting for you to know that picture one was taken in the forest near my house and picture two somewhere in east London. For some reason I loved to have them as a symbol for Time For Heroes.


  1. Wow, was für ein Bild.
    Ich muss dazu sagen, dass ich absolut Sonnenuntergang-Süchtig bin. :D

    Der Header ist echt schön. Mir gefällt es, dass der Blogtitel nur so klein in der Ecke steht, das wirkt schön und nicht so protzig.

    Liebste Grüße & a wonderful Weekend (Haha, ein Satz auf Englisch)

  2. Haha also so creepy sind sie doch gar nicht :D

  3. hmmm, it's my first visit, so I don't know how the old header looked like. I like this one, tho.

    I'm also not quite sure yet why everyone is commenting in German... :) a fellow German, maybe???

    liebe gruesse, and happy weekend

  4. Header gefällt! :>
    Und der Text ist auch sehr schön. C:

    Und ich danke dir vielmals für den Kommentar!


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