untitled #7

I don't know where the future lies
I've never seen the map 
We're floating through thin air
Through nothing
Surrounded by the bits of
Misery and fortune that we
already met somewhere.
I've got a few things in  my bag
A few thoughts in my head
Some dreams, some fears
Some photographs
A few things to regret.

 It might be lyrics, too. I'm just not sure about a melody yet.
Oh, and one more thing: I might completely redo the blog- AGAIN. Sorry for the mess, it must be really annoying to open the same url and see a different site almost each week. Honestly, I beg your pardon. But as long as I'm not happy with it myself, I'll go on with all the witching.

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  1. Ach, Kira. Das Design ist doch gut! :D Aber gut, was meckere ich denn. Ich bin doch auch ständig unzufrieden mit dem, was ich mache. :D


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