what is missing

Everything outside was covered with snow. As he looked out of the steamy window, he was slightly confused at first; he wasn't prepared to see such an amount of white powder outside. Yes, it was december. Yes, it was perfectly normal that it was snowing, it was even a bit late for that. But to him, it was still earliest autumn. Autumn? No, rather an indefinite season without characteristic features like falling leaves, snow or bright sunshine. His life had been an awful mess throughout the last months, he had missed to notice that time had passed. Everyone around him seemed to be in a jolly Christmas mood, decorating their homes, buying presents; everywhere he went were Christmas markets, sweets, toys, mulled wine- Santa seemed to be waving round every corner. 
He felt surreal. Inside his mind, it wasn't yet Christmas time, it wasn't december, it wasn't the time for roof tops to become all white and wet. All his attempts to create that appropriate feeling he was missing in his head artificially failed, all the mince pies, glittering lametta and mistletoe remained meaningless and misplaced curiosities, and inside- inside there was a strange emptiness and an asystole of time.

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  1. Ich drück dir ganz fest die Daumen, dass sich dein Wunsch erfüllt! Jetzt haben wir ja erstmal frei. Yeah!
    Weihnachtlich Grüße, Coco



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