prelude to a painting

Imagine yourself standing in a vast field, not where wheat grows, but all covered with dust, stones and broken homes. You're standing there and you remember that this field looked different somewhen back in time, that you left an awful lot of happiness there. You didn't want to, you couldn't make things stop. Out of sudden, it all had started to crumble. Now you're the one to face the consequences and to see wether you can still save some of the jigsaw puzzle pieces of your former life, for some are lying around in this vast, vast field. A big moon, the entire Milky Way and other inhabitants of the sky are curiously looking down at you, and you start feeling empty and terribly lost.

Dreaming, I was only dreaming
Of another place and time
Where my family's from

Singing, I can hear them singing
When the rain had washed away
All these scattered dreams

Dying, everyone's reminded
Hearts are washed in misery
Drenched in gasoline

Laughter, there's no more laughter
Songs of yesterday now live in the underground



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    Wherever the Sunset is

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