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Oh yeaaaaaaaaah.

I'm so tired I can hardly type.
As I am student- a species with masses of free time (HELL, NO!)- my mum asked me to go to market and get the family some nice fresh fruit and vegetables, which is, of course, actually perfectly fine.

What is not so fine: the fact that, if you don't get up early and go for the damn veggies as soon as they start selling them, you'll get the not so fresh and not so nice remains because the grannies came their first- veniunt, videunt, vicunt.

So, I went to bed at about 2 a.m. and got up at 6.30 to take the wind out of the grannies' sales and to buy my stuff. Keep in mind it's autumn, and it was horribly cold. So the matching picture is this one:

gorilla arms

I thought it would all be allright, because it was about to be friday, and I didn't have to go anywhere on friday. Well, my prof (remember the cynings?) decided to answer my desperate mails, so I finished my term paper yesterday in the night, just to- surprise!- get up early today to drive to uni and to hand that goddamn thing in. The student's office closes at 12.00, so I had no chance to get enough of sleep.
Do I have to mention that it was even colder than yesterday, and I really froze to death? Probably no.
The picture:

cold? me? never.

But hey! Now that the Cotton Gnomes are out of my house and out of my mind-


...for three days, then uni starts again. NOOOOOOOO!!!


  1. You make such lovely comics!

    Thank you for your comment, by the way. :) It made me realize what an awful long time it had been since I last updated... and also that I need to update really soon.

    I like your blog, it's full of humor and inspiration!

    Have a wonderful day!


  2. Ach, ich finde deine Comic Figuren einfach super!
    Hier spricht ein Fan! ;)
    Ich freue mich auf die nächste Alltagsschwierigkeit.


  3. hehe... das ist jetzt kein neuer Blog (indem Sinne, dass ich mich um den anderen nicht mehr kümmere, sondern eine Paris-Version). Werde über das Jahr dort alles bloggen was mit Paris zu tun hat. :)


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